advanced search mode auto-searches tags

version 2.0b7.1 is auto-searching the tag selector as you type (tag selector only, not the item list) in advanced search mode.

(Advanced search mode is when you enter an initial quotation mark to supress auto-searching. The search isn't performed until you hit enter.)

I know some have requested an option to turn off auto-searching. That's a good idea but I would even more like to adjust the delay when searching. I'm a very fast typist but the auto-search is constantly kicking in before I want it to.
  • I notice this even on my "fast" machine but it's crippling on my netbook.

    Here's more detail:

    - run with debugging output on

    - type a quotation mark in the search box

    - zotero freezes up as it runs a whole pile of queries

    - type a letter

    - zotero freezes up as it runs a whole pile of queries

    - etc.

    IIUC the whole point of advanced search mode is to NOT run queries until you hit enter, so perhaps this is a bug that was introduced at some point recently.
  • For some reason this really bugged me so I hacked the code to fix it.

    There appear to be several problems here but I don't feel I understand the code well enough to create a patch. Given that no one seems interested I won't bother going into detail, but the main issue is that the item list refresh and tag scope refresh (to match the currently-displayed items) get fired for every letter you type, regardless of whether you entered a quotation mark at the beginning.
  • edited October 14, 2009
    OK, looks like advanced mode is indeed searching after every keystroke. This bug was almost certainly introduced in 2.0b7 with the new interface (which uses a different kind of search box).

    This is not fixed in 2.0b7.4, which was just released, but it'll be fixed for the next release. Thanks.
  • Fixed in the latest dev build. The fix will be included in 2.0b7.5.
  • Great!

    An additional issue was that the code didn't look for a quotation mark at the beginning but rather anywhere in the search string. This may have been the cause of a separate problem described in this thread

    In any case after my hack searching with quoted strings works properly.
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