Connector: couldn't connect to pipe

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  • Hi, I am having problems with zotero on my mac with word so have just bought libre office in the hope it will make a difference, having read that it worked for others. I can't get this to work either, although at a different step. I can find the installer, but get an error message that says Connector: couldn't connect to pipe "4ca4ae3dd0a9bc1ad731d76e5e13aadcfd4b4ffff8ccbe4cb38a5dae3995f": 10". any help gratefully received

  • (Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to isn't related. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    I'm not sure what the message you're referring to is even from — the Zotero Connector isn't related to LibreOffice in any way. What exactly are you trying, and what exactly is happening? See Steps to Reproduce for the kind of description we'd need.

    (Also, LibreOffice is free, so I'm not sure what you "bought".)
  • What I bought was libreOffice vanilla for mac on the app store.

    I searched how to install the zotero add in, which didn't work at all, until I also installed jdk16.0.2 first. then I followed the steps within zotero from preferences to add the libreOffice plug in. It seemed to be working fine then timed out and I got that message.

    I would rather not switch word processors mid-way anyway so I'm going to try your suggestion (separate thread) of leaving it overnight to see if that will generate the bibliography.

    Thanks again

  • I don't know that anyone has tested LibreOffice from the App Store, and it's possible that's sandboxed in a way that would prevent integration from working. LibreOffice is freely available from You'd want to test with that version.
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