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My library produces reports that include an AMA reference along with the abstract so our staff can quickly review search results.

I've been trying to use CSL to edit the pre-existing American Medical Association to add abstracts for each result, but I am running into the issue of the abstract text continuing on the same line as the reference, rather than below on a fresh line.

Can someone help me determine what is not up to snuff in the code I've appended to the style?

<text value="Abstract" Display="block" />
<text variable="abstract" display="block"/>

Here is the resulting reference in the bibliography for a sample article:

Kloda LA, Boruff JT, Cavalcante AS. A comparison of patient, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) to a new, alternative clinical question framework for search skills, search results, and self-efficacy: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 2020;108(2):185-194. doi:10.5195/jmla.2020.739AbstractConclusion: When taught in an information literacy session, the new, alternative framework is as effective as PICO when assessing OT and PT students’ searching skills. Librarian-led workshops using either question formulation framework led to an increase in information literacy self-efficacy post-instruction. Copyright: © 2020, Authors.

  • Can you please show the entire style via
  • Take out second-field-align="flush" from bibliography. That doesn't work with display elements (it's either one or the other). Also, put display="block" on the group, not the text elements below that.
  • damnnation: it's the AMA (11th ed) in the style repository as-is, with those 4 lines added.

    adamsmith: this worked, thank you!
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