Transitioning to Zotero storage to use the iOS beta


Like many other users, I installed the iOS beta only to discover that I can’t use it because I am relying on WebDAV to store my papers. There have been many announcements that WebDAV support would be added, however. So I thought I’d wait, because I have too many unsolved questions about how to transition out of WebDAV. But 5 months have passed, WebDaV is still not supported on the beta, and we don’t know if it’s gonna be a matter of waiting a couple more months or a couple more years.
At this point I would give Zotero storage a try. But I have still many uncertainties and fears about it. So I’d like to ask the community if you can help me figure out the following:

1. How to determine which plan I would need (my library on WebDAV is huge, talking several gigs, but it was a mere 1.5gb before I migrated from Mendeley, so I’m not sure which number to trust)
2. How to transition from WebDAV to Zotero storage (is there a step/by/step guide?)
3. Whether the process is reversible, and how would transitioning back to WebDAV work
4. Whether the process is safe (do I risk messing up my library?)

Thanks everybody!
  • 1. The size on WebDAV should be a reasonable approximation, but Zotero also makes it relatively risk-free to buy storage: If you buy too little and have to upgrade, the existing amount gets credited to your account and if you buy too much and want to downgrade, that's also possible and the duration of your subscription will just be extended.

    2/3/4. There's really nothing to this other than switching the file storage setting in the preferences. It's safe and in all expectation seamless in both directions. The most troubleshooting you might need to do is to reset the file sync history to trigger file sync, but even that I don't think should be necessary.
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