add coment from the zotero connector - [Feature request]

Searching for "add comment" | "zotero connector" in the forum and in the github I did not see mention of this topic.

As for zotero connector aka webclipper, any chance that a new field for adding comments will see the future?
So you could add tags and coment in the same momentum.
I guess it implies to create a note as child item when hitting return, but I am far from beeing techie...
Regarding the philosophy of being a reference manager and note a notemanager, I don't see that there's an issue.
  • If there's enough demand for this we could consider it, but my concern would be that the save popup would start to get a bit unwieldy.

    The saved item is selected in Zotero, so you can always switch to Zotero and add a note there.
  • Thank you,
    and in that line one could also switch from one virtual desktop to the other, ctrl+win+arrow for example.
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