Feature request - notes inside chrome

Would it be possible to dock the notes panel inside chrome as part of the chrome extension? I see there is a new notes panel coming in Chrome, and I wondered if it would be possible to integrate Zotero with this in some way. It would be nice not to have to switch between windows when reading in Chrome or watching a video in Chrome.

https://chromeunboxed.com/chrome-sticky-note-side-panel-update#:~:text=You can access your notes,where you added the note!
  • That would be a +1 for a same feature request that has been addressed some time ago (see thread).

    Weight and speed performance issues are involved if I understood correctly.

    If think about it, if you want to enter in a deep read, you might be better off switching to Zotero reader. But sometimes I do feel you would like to take just quick and short notes.

    I would suggest as an intermediary solution: to enable very short comments with a limitation as of the number of characters you could type in. It's kind of how Collections work in Edge browser.

    From any web page currently, you could select some text, right-click, then choose to create an item and create a child note based on your highlighted text. I imagine something similar adding just one more little field under the tag field section (or above). Consequently you do not need to change all the connector display and code.
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    I made a sketch-prototype of what it could look like and have posted it here (postimage link).
  • Some context - I was watching a lengthy Youtube video and summarising it in the notes, and it would have been easier to stay in the same window as I was stopping and starting the video a lot.
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