PDF reader and zotero://open-pdf links

This discussion was created from comments split from: Create external link to open pdf within Zotero.
  • Are "open-pdf" links only supposed to work within Zotero now? For PDF files with bookmarks, in Zotero, I can find the following link when I select the PDF attachment. Within Zotero, if I click on the hyperlink text, Zotero shall open a PDF file with the correct page number.

    Yet, now on Windows 10, with its "Run" window, executing the "link" does nothing.

    It seems to me that the Windows OS has no problem parsing the zotero:// protocol. The "zotero://select/item" schema is still working. For an arbitrary entry in Zotero, I can still switch to the entry with "zotero://select/items/[item ID]", where [item ID] is the citation key.
  • Are you using the Zotero beta? If so, do you have the PDF reader enabled? Where are you expecting the PDFs to open? Can you provide a Debug ID for trying this?

    zotero://open-pdf links work fine for me from the Run window with the Zotero beta, but with and without the built-in PDF reader enabled.
    (Note that, while this should work, it's not the current recommended format and hasn't been for several years. This would be zotero://open-pdf/library/items/9WYPFUSR?page=9.)
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