Sort collection by date but grouping same author together?

edited July 21, 2021
Just a suggestion for the interface, it would be convenient to be able to view all references in a collection/search/library by date, but with any articles written by the same author grouped together even if they were written later than others in the chronological sort.

I realize that doesn't follow normal sort logic and it could be awkward in the UI, but since this is a typical way I would sort through references for a literature review, it seems useful.

In other words, the sort order would follow this pattern:

Jones, A. 1950
Brown, B. 1962
Brown, B. 1985
Smith, C. 1971
Smith, C. 1990
Lee, D. 2000

(I'm suggesting this for the Zotero interface, although I suppose it could be a useful sort order for in-text cites as well. I realize users probably would not need to sort a bibliography like this, though.)
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    I don't think secondary sort can apply here: the "secondary" author would need to override the "primary" year, if and only if author is the same. Unless I'm missing something.

    Ah, I see that a citekey might help as a workaround.
  • (Actually, your example is a bit odd. The authors are not in alphabetical order.)
  • That's intentional (but sorry if I did not phrase it clearly).

    For a literature review, I would like to look at publications in order of publication (primary sort by date), but also consider all works by the same author together. So in the example above, I would first consider Jones, then the two works by Brown, then the two by Smith, and finally Lee. The Brown and Smith works overlap, but I'd prefer to cite and/or discuss them grouped by author rather than jumping back and forth.
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