Dragging RIS item out of Zotero

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Hi there, sometime in the last release or two something seems to have happened that is blocking my ability to draft an item out of Zotero to another app or the desktop when it is set to the RIS export type. The APA export type works fine. I'm on the latest version of big sure and Zotero. I'm not the only one experiencing this, some of my colleagues are too. Does anyone have any idea on how to address this? What I'm trying to do it drag an item over to Tinderbox in the RIS format.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt that doesn't work?
  • Hi there, here you go: D24650230.
  • Here is another one: D1475912128.

  • (4)(+0000004): Translate: Parsing code for RISCK (28471691-e36c-445e-a257-6f1741502a4d, 2021-07-17 18:33:54)

    (1)(+0000006): SyntaxError: unexpected token: ':'
    You're using a custom translator, and it's invalid.
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    Ah, I see. Actually, it did not work for the standard RIS either, at all. But, once I turned on the debugger is appeared to work for the standard RIS bit. Seems inconsistent though. As for the custom translator, I got it forum @emilianoeheyns (see link https://forums.zotero.org/profile/2433/adamsmith). It worked fine for a while but then stopped working, it appears. Really no idea how to fix.

    I apologize for my lack of expertise and knowledge in this area. I'm stumbling around the dark. I'd love to to see if I can get @emilianoeheyns modified translator working again. Not sure where to start.
  • The link you included just links to adamsmith's profile. I've forgotten what I did to the translator then and I probably don't have a copy, but if you can link to the thread where we discussed this I can take a look.
  • Ah, I think you mean this. That modded translator requires BBT to be installed. I've made a new copy that doesn't overwrite the standard RIS translator but adds a new one ("RIS with citation key"): https://gist.github.com/0fbc09d7d6556ebae595e5c849144044
  • OMG!!! You are so incredibly awesome!!! Works great. Thanks.
  • My pleasure. It's a one-line change to add the LB line to RIS, the rest is just the latest RIS translator I grabbed from zotero's github repo just now.
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