RDF import failure with missing attachment - more meaningful error

Just had a failed RDF import with a 500 item collection. I had to use the ½ and ½ method to narrow down which item was making it fail.
It turned out to be a missing attachment on one item.

Could the error message be made more meaningful? It currently says:
An error occurred while trying to import the selected file. Please ensure that the file is valid and try again.
Could it say that there is a missing file? Or even better, which item was making it fail?

Does "Check Database Integrity" also check for missing files? Or is there another way - to save having to wheedle one item out of 500?

  • There was also a really weird import error with items with 10 or more authors.

    The order of the authors was shuffled:
    e.g. for one paper with 20 authors
    The first 9 authors were shuffled up to 11th - 20th, the last author was inserted at 12th -- and thus the original 10-19 become 1-10!

    In my case, fortunately only a few out of the 500 had more than 10 authors, but it's a weird bug nonetheless.
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