Customize fields in the Add/Edit citation tool

Is it possible to customize/select the fields that are displayed for the matching items provided by the citation dialog? In my use case, I have several Report-Type items that have the same Title, Author and Year. They have different Report Numbers. Currently the citation dialog seems to display only the Title, Author, Year and Location (for Report-Type items), which makes it difficult to select the correct item to cite when items have identical values in those fields. If necessary, I realize I can workaround by moving the Report Number into the Title, for example, but hope to avoid that if possible.

Similar question here, and the solution at that time (2017) seems to have been to move the necessary identifying information into Title:

Thanks in advance.
  • We'll be doing a general refactoring of the citation dialog in the future that should be able to better accommodate this. At the moment that's not possible, so adding the relevant information into the title is probably the most straightforward workaround.
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