Too slow with 6000 PDFs

This discussion was created from comments split from: Speeding up Zotero (including search).
  • My zotero has more or less 6000 pdfs and 1.3 Gig of zotero.sqlite and IT IS TOOOOO SLOW

    I'll use 0 for the search in PDF files to avoid such database size, but i got surprised... are you really planning to hide this option in configuration? i mean, do y'all know that some people don't have money enough and have to use laptops with only 2 G RAM and a duo core of 1.1 Gighz?
  • 2 GB is not a reasonable amount of RAM to use with modern software in 2021. (You said a few months ago that you had 4 GB, though.)

    Anyhow, we would continue providing an option to disable full-text indexing altogether, but we'll likely remove the fiddly, confusing numerical options from the visible UI, yes. Those never really should've been exposed in the first place.
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