Deleted files but storage usage didn't change

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  • I am having the same problem as cdbrauns and it is as he describes for me too. I have reached my limit and have been cleaning up my library. I am using Zotero stand alone. I have deleted items from my library on my computer and checked online and can see that they have also been deleted there. However this has made no impact on the figure for my "current usage". I even went to the trouble of finding a larger file and taking note of the MB, then deleting it. After deletion it does not appear in my library on my computer, the trash (emptied) or online. Yet my current usage has not declined by the 7 MB of that item. I would appreciate any help that can be offered on this.
  • You've probably realized this, but the quota just takes a few minutes to update. You're now well below your quota.

    Note, also, that your storage quota is online and by definition doesn't include all your local files when you're above your quota. There's no reason to expect that deleting a file locally will reduce your online usage when you're already at your quota, since Zotero will just upload additional local files to fill up the newly available space.
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