suggestion for adding a new function which can batch delete automatically added labels

When I batch import lots of papers, many tags, which are automatically created, will add to the Zotero. They are not useful! However, they seriously affect the useful tags I created. I hope the developers can add the new function which can
  • According to this link, Automatic tags can 1) be hidden, 2) be deleted and/or 3) prevented from downloading.

    Does that do what you want?
  • I'm guessing these are added via import of metadata files, which unfortunately means tags aren't treated as "automatic" -- they are only for web translators. (What's "automatic" is unfortunately a tricky conceptual question). That also means that I don't see how a script for auto-deleting these would look.
  • I am sorry. What you said cannot help me. When you import lots of papers simultaneously, many tags will occur in the tag selector, like "*Bacterial infections´╝î*Bacterial Physiological Phenomena etc". Before every word of the tag, there is a star. How can I batch delete these tags?

    (Ps: can you add a function that users can paste pictures in the comments section in order to make others easy to understand the questions?)
  • The question is how exactly you're importing these papers -- but there's a good chance you can't.
  • I import these papers by Pubmed.
  • The details matter here -- how exactly? Via nbib? Via browser add-on? Something else?
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