Page numbers in annotations


with some PDFs I am having trouble with the page numbers in the annotations. Instead of referring to the "real" page numbers (as published in the journal, let's say page 346) Zotero refers to the PDFs page number (lets say page 4). I guess its a problem with the metadata of the file or something - I wonder if it would be possible to include a feature to manually override the automatic page numbering if this problem occurs (or if Zotero will eventually overcome this issue by "learning/knowing" the correct page numbers.

Thanks for checking.
  • Only small percentage of PDFs have page labels assigned. If they don't exist Zotero tries to automatically recognize those labels from PDF text and if that also fails, it falls back to counting pages from number one.

    At the moment you can double-click on page number in annotations sidebar and it will allow to change it. Later we'll add more options to re-number multiple annotations.
  • Thank you for the feedback, I am looking forward to the possibility to re-number multiple annotations, but knowing how to renumber single ones is already helpful :-)
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