Italian Localization - Let's Make It Ready To Use

Hi All,

I started using Zotero only a few weeks back. I'm a fiction author, so not your typical user, but I do use extensive research materials, since I like to mess around with all sorts of topics - e.g. my previous novel was a historical saga; while the current one messes up with lab lit, sociology of terrorism, the human predicament, and another couple of things. I need to keep track of thousands of papers in all sorts of fields, so Zotero has been a godsend to me. Anyway, as a xennial, apart from the mandatory introduction when I join a forum, I also like the idea of giving back to the Net when I take something from the Net. That's how we were raised by the depths of web in the late 90s.

What's my day job, then? I work in the localization industry - mostly in marketing and IT. Software localization is one of my main area of expertise. As a matter of fact, I had a Transifex account already for the past 5 years, or so. Thank you for accepting my request, by the way. Therefore, I already started finishing and polishing the Italian localization, which is currently stuck at about 80%.

I didn't see a dedicated forum for translators - so I thought that my best shot would be to write right here. I already checked the files and the last updates were done some time ago by @m.lana - but before that, it's the desert. As I said, I already started translating the reminders of the UI, and I plan to work on the remaining strings over the weekend - since I have another pretty big job lined up for a client and I will join the two efforts in a single translation session.

A big issue is consistency. Across the past 9 years of volunteering, things got a little bit mixed up. Some strings simply contradict each other. There's also a problem with some of the IT jargon e.g. "parent" translated as "genitore" is a huge no-no. I already fixed all those occurrences - parent, child, and orphan. I'll fix both consistency issues and mislocalizations over the weekend, as well.

So, what am I exactly asking here? I will need someone to do the revision. Are there any Italians around who are up for the task? Mr Lana, maybe? The Italian files are currently only 0.99% reviewed. The task would be to try and spot potential typos and also warning be about potential "academic" mistakes in the lingo. There's a team of (mostly inactive) 20 Italian users and 0 authorized reviewers at the moment. Any takers?

The fun part? I actually use the program in English anyway.

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