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    Même chose sous Linux. Bibliothèque disparue. Quelques années de travail évaporées. Je ne comprends rien aux explications, rien ne correspond à ce que je vois. Je suis sous Fedora
  • (Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to was years and and specific to someone else's computer. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    See Locating Missing Zotero Data and, if you're still having trouble, provide the information requested there. (Feel free to respond in French, but we'll need more information.)
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    I checked already "Locating missing zotero data" and especially "I upgraded to Zotero 5.0 and now my data is missing! How do I get it back?" but didn't find what to do. There is too many "zotero" on my computer, I didn't find where is the library and where to put it to make zotero 5.0 read it
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    You'll need to follow the whole section and provide the information requested at the end if you're still having trouble — otherwise there's no way for us to help you. If there's a specific instruction you don't understand, quote it and say what you don't understand about it.

    The Zotero 5 issue is just one of the various possible causes and, as it says, almost certainly isn't relevant any longer.
  • Fine ! I did replace the new folder by the old one, in "Dossier personnel", and all my references are back again. I was troubled by the numerous occurrences of "zotero" files on my computer, because of the numerous trials for installing it before. But the only important file is in Dossier personnel, that was the point I didn't get earlier. Thanks. Another trouble I have, since a long time, is how to run zotero. I need to go in the Terminal, go to root, got to opt/Zotero, run ./zotero, this is a bit long, is there another way ? thanks ! (usually I never use "forums", only for reading)
  • Another trouble I have, since a long time, is how to run zotero.
  • Yes I checked already but for launcher details are provided only for ubuntu, I tried anyway on Fedora but nothing happens
  • That's something you'd have to look up how to do yourself.
  • I found another way : my institution is going to migrate my computer on ubuntu next month, it was discussed since a long time, now it's scheduled, so no worry. Thanks
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