[beta] New Note Editor Frequently Freezing

When I take notes on the new editor in the desktop app (Mac OS), it frequently freezes with a turning ball as I write, making the writing process difficult. This happens in a completely new standalone note. It looks like committing the changes to the database and/or syncing happens too frequently and/or takes too long.

Debug ID: D506017620

This was not an issue at all with the old tinyMCE editor on the same hardware. 2017 MacBook Pro with solid-state drive, reproducible with an iMac and a MacMini, all running 10.14.6 with latest beta 5.0.97-beta.18+1eb888d02.
  • I have a similar issue on Linux (Debian-based varieties), spanning various kernels.

    Investigating a bit more, the lag seems to happen when taking a note alongside the new PDF reader. In addition, I sometimes see a lag when I navigate the PDF (e.g., scrolling down can hang for a second or so).

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) open PDF in new reader tab
    2) start a note related to the PDF
    3) typing in the note is initially fine
    4) scroll down the PDF. There is a lag in scrolling (screen freezes)
    5) Characters start lagging behind typing in the note

    Debug ID: D19249700
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