Opening, annotating and syncing attached PDF on mobile (iOS)

Hi all,

I'm interested in any solution that would allow me to read and annotate my PDF files on iOS. I've tried the following:

- Papership (it doesn't work anymore)
- Subscribing for the Zotero iOS beta (no luck, didn't hear back)
- Using Webdav (even if my files are on the cloud, I can't really access them: they are zipped and renamed in incomprehensible ways)
- Using Zotfile. I've tried setting it up but I'm worried there may be issues of compatibility (I am running a beta on desktop, and already use Webdav to sync attachments), and I can't really understand how it's meant to work anyway ('linked attachment base directory', etc), so I'd risk making a mess.

Any advice would be welcome – be it about alternative options, or about how to make any of the above solutions work.
  • Subscribing for the Zotero iOS beta (no luck, didn't hear back)
    Just to be clear, by "didn't hear back", you mean in the five hours since you signed up. I'm not sure why you're posting here and asking people to spend time helping you as if you signed up a long time ago and never received an invite.

    We're adding people once a day, and you'll be added in the next batch.
  • @dstillman thanks for the feedback and sorry if that seemed like mere impatience. I signed up two weeks ago actually, and immediately before posting this message I tried again, to double check, in case something went wrong. Perhaps you see only my latest request, or perhaps the first one didn't go through.

    At any rate, if someone has advice on any of the other solutions, it could be useful for the rest of the community. So I thought that this thread could be useful for all users, like me, who want to know which options are open for iOS, and struggle to get their head around Zotfile.
  • We didn't receive the earlier request from you.

    The solution here is just to use the iOS beta. Again, all requests are now being processed within a day, so you just need to wait a day and you'll be able to use it.
  • edited April 21, 2021
    @nerimarsili: Though the iOS app doesn't currently support WebDAV syncing, so if you're using that, you won't be able to read/annotate PDFs for now unless you switch to Zotero Storage.
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