Zotero in Word No Longer Adds Citations

Report ID: 457100924

I have been unable to add citations to my papers in Word. I have tried restarting my computer and updating Office. No changes have been made to Zotero on my machine to interfere with the library.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Open Zotero
2) Open Word (with the add-in)
3) Click "Add/Edit Citation"
4) Type in an author's name and click the reference. Enter
/error: It never loads the citation
  • What happens, exactly?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for attempting to do this?
  • Debug ID: D1825185409

    Note, Zotero crashed during this. I hope it captured it!
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    What do you mean by "crashed"? Do you mean that it froze or that it closed completely? If Zotero closed, nothing can be captured — this just shows a file sync happening. But Zotero obviously shouldn't crash. Do you have a crash log from Windows?

    Can we step back and have you explain exactly what's happening? If you can take a screen recording and upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive), that might help.
  • After hitting the enter button the status bar shows green for Zotero to create a citation. It is like this for several minutes at which point I become impatient and click on this status bar. It froze and Windows suggests that I close the program instead of waiting for it to respond.
  • You have many citations in your document. This will slow Zotero down—you need to be patient and let it finish. It hasn’t crashed, even after it says it is “not responding”. You can disable automatic updates from the Document Preferences window to speed things up while you are writing.
  • I turned off automatic updates and can now add citations. I went to add the bibliography and let the status load for an hour and it did not work. Any ideas?

    I have very few citations compared to my usual papers. It cannot be that problem.
  • If you go to Help → Debug Output Logging → View Output, is there output in the window while you're trying to add a bibliography? If it becomes unresponsive, can you take a screenshot, upload it somewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive), and provide a link here?
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