Style Request: Journal of Oil Palm Research

Dear Zotero community, I'm looking for the style of "Journal of Oil Palm Research". Journal of Oil Palm Research is wholly owned by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and listed in Thompson Reuters.

Instructions for authors can be found at:


Examples of literature cited in the text, the captions, the tables, or the appendixes:
(Hisham and Yip, 2004)
(Lee et al., 2019) where (et. al.,) must be italic
(Zhang et al., 2019; Chae et al., 2019)


Comitato, R; Nesaretnam, K; Leoni, G; Ambra, R; Canali, R; Bolli, A; Marino, M and Virgili, F (2009). A novel mechanism of natural vitamin E tocotrienol activity: Involvement of ERβ signal transduction. Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab., 297: 427-437.

Zhang, Q; Bao, J and Yang, J (2019). Genisteintriggered anticancer activity against liver cancer cell line HepG2 involves ROS generation, mitochondrial apoptosis, G2/M cell cycle arrest and inhibition of cell migration. Arch. Med. Sci., 15: 1001-1011.

Here is an example article:

Your fast response and kind help on this matter are highly appreciated. Thank you!

  • We'd need the exact sample references (i.e. the Mares chapter and the Campbell and Petersen article) on formatted for the style you're requesting
  • Hai,

    Here is the style requested.

    In-text citation:
    (Campbell and Pedersen, 2007)
    (Mares, 2001)

    Campbell, J L and Pedersen, O K (2007). The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp. Politic. Stud., 40(3): 307–332.

    note: Journal name, volume, and issue must italic.

    Mares, I (2001). Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage (Hall, P A and Soskice, D ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. p. 184-213.

    note: [The institutional foundations of comparative advantage] must be italic.

    Thank you.
  • Hai,

    May I know what was that mean? I didn't understand why the Journal of Oil Palm Research categorized in the "outstanding" section? Does it mean that this process still not completed?

    I do hope that the style of this journal can be access in Zotero as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind help.
  • edited 3 days ago
    Outstanding: It is outstanding for one of the volunteers (basically me) making the style. Opposite to completed, where a volunteer has created a style and made it available on the repository. Have a look at that sheet and you'll see who does most of these and how long it'll be.
  • Hai Sir,

    I found out that Journal of Oil Palm Research listed as “completed” in excel sheet. I am thanking you for making this effort. However, how can I get the link and source of journal of oil palm research? I had been search in zotero style repository, however didn't found any. kindly guide me. thanks again.
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