Sync error with 2.07.1

Haven't been able to sync yet with 2.07

I didn't worry about it at first, but with 2.07.1,
I tried again just now and got this error:

Error processing uploaded data (Report ID: 9d4dcb85)
and submitted the error (no: 1535791477)
  • You're trying to sync 10,171 items. Unfortunately this generally won't work yet.

    (This wouldn't be anything new in 2.0b7, so if you were syncing successfully before you probably did a Restore to Server...)
  • Thanks Dan - thought I only had 4000 items, but all the attachments are clearly counted separately.
    Yeah it was sync-ed nicely before, but somehow (probably PEBCAK) I emptied the server side, so had to do a full upload.
    Look forward to being able to get a "serious" collection up there!
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