Endnotes in a long document

My publisher wants me to submit my multi-chapter manuscript as a single Word document, with endnotes at the end of the whole document (not after each chapter). But they also want the endnotes to restart and have the first reference to a work in each chapter be full, not abbreviated. So even if it was referenced in chapter 2, in chapter 3 the first reference should be full again.

I think I saw a previous discussion that said the only way to do this is to edit the chapters separately until the last minute (so as to make as many global changes to footnotes as possible), then combine into a single document and strip the field codes before saving or allowing it to refresh so that it doesn't "update" the references and shorten them. (btw I don't need a bibliography, just endnotes)

Will that work, even if the endnotes are at the end of the whole document (rather than at the end of each chapter)?

(I'm using Word 2011 14.7.2 on a 2014 macbook pro)
  • Yes, that'll still work. One thing I'd test is how exactly the endnotes will behave in Word when merging multiple documents. Since you will have Zotero fields removed, that has nothing to do with Zotero, but I'd want to test the exact workflow with a smaller sample to know that it works and how.
  • thanks for the advice on testing. I'm going to test it this week!
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