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I’m highlighting a PDF on Zotero for iPad, but the left sidebar is not showing all the phrases I’ve highlighted:!AjsmmAbO5NonkOQ2qzmuqRAtBynM2w

I also can’t select them to edit or delete. Is this expected behavior?

Also, are there any news on the few things I’ve pointed out on the first day? Here:

Most importantly, now that I’ve used the app a bit more (and I love it), I still find editing and deleting highlights takes too many clicks
  • Did you make those highlights on this device?

    If you close the sidebar, what happens if you tap on them?

    If you force-quit the app, does it still happen?
  • I made the highlights on this device. If I close the sidebar, I seem to only be able to select the first highlight (the one that shows in the sidebar). It’s the same with the sidebar open. It’s still happening after I force close the app
  • Do those unselectable annotations show up in the desktop app?
  • I don't have Zotero beta installed on this PC (since I'm in the middle of a project and I'm afraid of messing anything up), so I'll have to check later and get back to you. Unless you think my library won't run many risks if I only use the beta version everywhere from now on
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    @dstillman Apologies for the delay, but only now I had the time to install the Zotero beta on the PC I was using.

    No annotations are showing on the file. Neither the ones that show correctly on the iPad nor the ones that don't...

    I've checked that sync was complete on Windows, and they still show on the iPad the same way they were on the screenshot from Sunday

    EDIT: Nevermind. They're showing now. But in the same way as in the iPad...!AjsmmAbO5NonkOlfYn0Ru-aCaduyyw?e=iqg9JY
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    It looks like a bunch of nearby highlights were somehow merged — you can see on desktop that the bounding box is around the whole set of highlights.

    If you expand the annotation widget in the sidebar on desktop, do you see extracted text for all of the highlights, or only the text from the first highlight?
  • @constancappcarvalho: And could we also see a screenshot from iOS where the annotation is selected?
  • I don't know if this is what you mean, but I only see the first highlight!AjsmmAbO5NonkOpPkda2d6VC-WkxDw?e=Ne9ATt

  • Regarding the screenshot from iOS, I can't right now, but the selection is similar. The box goes around the paragraph like in the desktop
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    Let us know if you're still still seeing this in the latest build, and if so if you're able to reproduce it.
  • The annotations on the document in question are still the same, nothing changed... But so far it hasn’t happened on any other document
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    @dstillman Obviously, as soon as I posted this, it happened again in another document:!AjsmmAbO5NonkfBg8r20edj5YST5hA?e=73Z0jy

    The only thing I did was highlight the phrase "Every single object (...) by a plan." lift the pencil and separately highlight the phrase "Nothing gets done without one."

    It's behaving exactly like the other one: when I select one of the phrases, it draws a rectangle around both, and the phrase "Nothing gets done without one." doesn't appear on the annotations sidebar nor I can select it independently...
  • @dstillman do you have news on this?
  • There were a couple issues here. The incomplete text should already be fixed, and the unwanted merging of nearby highlights will be fixed in the next build.
  • @dstillman "The incomplete text should already be fixed"

    The annotation text on both files is still incomplete, both on Windows and iOS. It's still the same as in the screenshots.

    Should those annotations already be displaying correctly (meaning showing all text highlighted), or is the fix only for new annotations made after the fix?
  • Existing annotations won’t be changed.
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