Redesign of Zotero (for Mac) to fit ZoteroBib and upcoming iPad version?

do you plan a major redesign of the UI for the Mac version of Zotero in upcoming versions (6.x)? to fit the look and feel of the upcoming Zotero for iPad or ZoteroBib?
Would appreciate :)
  • I think this would be a great idea! +1
    A new design to follow the "look and feel" of this macOS Big Sur design language would be a great visual improvement to the great functionality of Zotero.
    Is there anything planned?
    Would appreciate a official response from on of the Zotero developer team members :)
  • @citero101 @whitecamel20 Bump. I could not agree more! I work with Zotero every day and I think we can all agree that aesthetics matter. I totally get that stability and features are more important in the long run - but some of my colleagues use endnote and there are two reasons I can't get them to switch: "I already have all my stuff in endnote" (fair) and "I just think zotero looks ugly".
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