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  • I have been working with the PDF viewer and ran into two items of interest.

    First, is there any way to rotate a page? I didn't find any way to do this, but many PDFs include tables in landscape mode, and it is hard to read or highlight those pages without being able to rotate them.

    Second, if you accidentally click a linked citation that takes you to a bookmark in the references list, there's no discoverable way (at least that I found) to jump back to where you were when you clicked that link. This becomes particularly problematic if you're surfing through a long document - it can take you a while to figure out where you were when you clicked the link.
  • @internationaled

    2. is not possible and under consideration. See https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/377553/#Comment_377553

    (agree with 1. rotating is very useful for PDFs)
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    @internationaled, @adamsmith: Back/Forward work is in progress now.

    We'll look into page rotation.
  • Actually, @internationaled, @adamsmith, on page rotation, would you expect the PDF file itself to be changed so that the page was rotated, or would you want to keep the PDF file as is and have the rotation be applied at display time in the various Zotero apps?
  • I don't have a strong preference. To me, the pdf.js standard rotate behavior which just rotates the display on the fly is perfectly fine and, I assume, easier for you.
  • I would prefer it to save it that way. Otherwise the page and the highlights will be rotated again next time and you'll just have to rotate is once more.
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    No, it would be saved in local state (or potentially synced state, but probably not). You wouldn't have to change it each time. The PDF itself just wouldn't be modified.
  • I would want it to be kept that way for sure, then.
  • I guess a global rotation as in Firefox would be ok. This should be the more commonly needed function, especially on mobile screens.

    Currently, single pages cannot be rotated in pdf.js, see here. One would need to use an external PDF editor for rotating individual pages.
  • I wonder if anything has changed on this since 2016.
  • I know this is an old thread but I just came across it whilst Googling how to rotate one page only, without rotating the whole document, on the Zotero PDF reader.

    This is now possible. Follow the following steps:
    1. Scroll to the page you wish to rotate
    2. Click Edit in the top menu bar
    3. Click rotate page left or right, as desired.

    In my case there is some strange behaviour (Zotero moves the view to a random page), but it does work as intended.
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