Delay switching between annotation tool and note editor

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  • Hi - loving the new pdf markup, thank you so much! It's going to be so useful - will probably replace the Scrivener functionality which I was previously using the mark up and annotate journal articles.

    I'm finding it quite laggy though when I switch between marking up text in the pdf and making notes in the notes pane on the right hand side. I get the Mac colour wheel for 1-2 seconds. Not a major problem as I can carry on typing and it catches up with me eventually. But switching back to scrolling through the pdf is also laggy - same colour wheel for a second or two.

    I'm using Mac Os Big Sur 11.2.3 and have quite a big Zotero library
  • Could you provide a Debug ID for doing the above operation and getting a delay?
  • Hi - sure
    Just logged.
    This short session had 5-6 instances of minor lag, both when starting to type in the notes pane and then when switching to scrolling with the pdf.

  • Just checked to Debug log - I'm getting errors about the length of some notes, but they don't seem to be especially long, although some of them do contain images. Could that be the problem?
    I tried deleting one and then emptying the bin, but that hasn't;t helped - I just got an error message about a different note.
  • @mossposs have those notes with images existed before the beta, or you've just added them recently? Also have you dragged/pasted those images from somewhere?
  • Hi - yes these notes existed before the beta.
    The images were snips from journal articles e.g. an image of a table or diagram
  • @dstillman and @martynas_b


    - I have now tidied up my Zotero library and deleted all the images and long author names that were causing replication errors. I now have a clean replication.

    I'm still getting a lot of lag when i use the pdf viewer and note taker - I've logged a new Debug report. Hope this helps!

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