Small-caps for single words in suffix/prefix in CSL

I'm trying to create a suffix in CSL for some bibliography items where one word is in small-caps.

Specifically, every legal commentary I cite should be followed by "cite.: [commentary name] [statute]/[author], Art., N.", with [author] being in small-caps. Is there a way of doing this, e.g. by having multiple suffixes and only one being small-caps, or by some formatting symbols in the suffix itself?

I'd be thankful for any help
  • As a general comment, if you are doing legal citation, you probably want to use Jurism and CSL-M styles. Jurism is a version of Zotero with much expanded legal citation support. It can automatically collapse parallel citations such as this.


    When you say “suffix”, do you mean you are entering all of that by hand in the Suffix field in Zotero’s Word Proceasor plugin? Or are you writing a CSL style?
  • Hey, thanks for your reply. I'm already using Juris-M, I didn't specify as I assumed it wasn't relevant for this specific question, but thank you for the referral.

    I'm trying to do this in a CSL style, not manually. The specific line in my bibliography section is:

    Now I just need the "Author" to be in small-caps. I realize I shouldn't have put "author" in brackets in the OP, as it's not a variable.
  • (You need to wrap CSL code in <code> </code> for it to show up here)
  • Uh, thanks for the tip:

    <text variable="container-title-short" prefix=" (zit.: " suffix="/Author, Art., N.)"/>
  • You can't style a suffix in CSL, but you can work with text value along these lines:

    <text variable="container-title-short" prefix=" (zit.: " suffix="/"/>
    <text value="Author" font-variant="small-caps"/>
    <text value=", Art., N."/>

    Because of the way groups work, the two "value" lines will only print when there is a container-title-short, so will funtion exactly like a suffix.
  • Absolutely brilliant, thank you very much!
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