Zotero connector does not offer all sources in database results

I have tested this in Firefox and Chrome for the EBSCO database my university uses as a library catalog. I can't include a URL because the search result URLs aren't stable. But go to https://www-library-umass-edu.silk.library.umass.edu/ and do a search for 'pangolin' in the big search box in the middle of the page with the word Discovery to the left.

There are 20 results on the first page. My Zotero connector shows as a folder icon, but when it shows me the list of sources to choose from, there are only 10 listed. I can't spot a method for which sources are excluded. It's not showing me the first 10 on the list, it seems to be random picks from the 20.

This doesn't seem to match the descriptions of site throttling, but maybe it is? Also doesn't seem to match descriptions of a translator issue but I could be wrong?
  • No, libraries almost never throttle searches (at least not on the scale of Zotero).
    We're currently not recognizing the library catalog as such, so what you're seeing is just items with DOIs importing. We can take a look -- in general we support EBSCO's Discovery Layer, which is what UMass is using for their discovery interface.
  • It may be an EBSCO thing. We get other databases on the EBSCO platform and I just got a couple of reports from patrons:

    1) A search for 'pangolin' in Business Source Complete lists 10 results but the connector only offers 1.

    2) A search in CINAHL Complete for 'nursing care and elderly or geriatric' found many results but the connector doesn't see any on the first page. In fact, it offered to save the results list page as a web page. The patron tested the connector in a database we get through ProQuest, named ERIC, and it showed all of the results as options to save.
  • so is there any solution you could find to export the List ?
  • This should now be fixed.
    You can either wait ~24hs or you can update immediately using "Update Now" from the advanced tab of the Zotero preferences and then either restarting your browser or using "Update Translators" from the Zotero Connector preferences.

    I don't think this should ever have been an issue with CINAHL through EBSCO, but we've gotten occasional reports of that, so if you can reproduce that issue, we'd be interested in troubleshooting.
  • That's fixed it! Thank you very much!
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