Attached file name doesn't change immediately at 5.0.97-beta.2+8b1b2ee56

When I change attached file name with Rename associated file checked, the file name in the middle pane is changed at once but one in right pane doesn't. I have to refresh it.

Screenshot -

Windows 10 + 5.0.97-beta.2+8b1b2ee56
  • I can reproduce this issue in a fresh installation of Zotero 5.0.97-beta.28+1daf4b041. The issue occurs in both the TinyMCE and ProseMirror modes of the beta version. Zotero doesn't have this problem. It seems that the beta's note editor integration in the attachmentbox code could be causing the issue.

    Looking at the Debug Output Logging, I noticed the following:

    "Refreshing attachment box" -> only once
    "Refreshing attachment box" -> three times

    In the beta, the new attachment titles are properly commited to the database. However, it seems that some refreshing is needed after all DB transactions are done.
  • Fixed for the next beta — thanks.
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