Referencing Videos

Just a quick questions for anyone viewing.

It's becoming more popular to review videos via youtube and/or media organisations during Uni assessments. Some of these videos are like an hour long.

I am curious if any of the standards (Harvard / APA etc ) have in place proper referencing guidelines for video quoting. The minute mark would replace a page number. We have had lecturers provide "soft" guidelines for individual assessments, but this has caused me some zotero problems. For example; a review of a panel discussion via recorded video, smith said something of note at 15:15 minutes and Jones said something of note at 22:30 mark and the entire video is by ABC production, hosted by John White, titled "the end of the world". I've realised in Zotero i had to make 2 entries for this, one for smith one for jones, and 'diddle' the page number to reflect video time mark - and then because of the individual speaker quotes, Ive had to revert these to "books" give them author status. So 2 snippets get 4 entries in zotero. In a recent review i collected 6 snippets that i wished to reference.

It wasn't impossible, but is there, should there, be a better way?

I hope all this makes sense, kind regards, Dave
  • You should enter videos as a Video Recording item in Zotero. You can enter timestamps in the suffix field in the Zotero citation window. A future version of Zotero will have time stamp as a option in the page dropdown selector, but suffix works fine for now.
  • This still leaves me with the issue for referencing different speakers in the video. I can reference the whole thing and I can use the suffix feature, but I can't add separate speakers; ie John said this or Jack said that.

    But then again I don't know how it would be done with pen and paper. Maybe there is a gap in the referencing standards that doesn't address videos enough.

    thanks for the advice
  • How do I enter a speaker or presenter for a Ted Talk video, not a director? I'm using the Video Recording item but don't have an option for speaker or presenter.
  • How do you want to have the citation look and how does it look now?
    The CSL variable author is mapped to "Director". So, I'd use that though.
  • As far as i understand if you choose 'item_type' = "video_recording", then you also have a dropdown list to choose from starting with director/cast_member/contributor/producer/scriptwriter.
    If you wanted to go bananas about this, drop the director, but put in your speaker as a contributor, and TedTalk or TedX (or whatever) as the producer - they will get proper attribution, the contributor is attributed - is everyone happy?
    Present this citation and reference to your uni lecturer/coordinator/supervisor for vetting (ie, before you use it for assignment/dissertation etc), but this is probably a good way to address this issue.
    hope that helps
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