Automatically Updating the bib from Arxiv

Many of our references were downloaded from the website, but sometimes the journal where we want to publish our paper cannot accept the Arxiv-style references.

So my question is, is it possible to automatically update those references from arxiv to those their official references?

For example, one paper was pre-published in Arxiv, and we downloaded it to our Zotero library. But later this paper published in one journal named PAMI. Is it possible in Zotero to update its reference from arxiv to the PAMI journal automatically?

Could you please give some advice? Thanks!
  • Metadata updating is currently in development. For now, your best option is to just paste the DOI into Add Item by Identifier and then merge the two items by select them, right-clicking, and choosing "Merge Items…".
  • Hi, @dstillman Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion! Looking forward to this great tool! I found Zotero is really better than the EndNote. Hope Zotero better and better!
  • I am interested in the same question, so is metadata updating available now?
  • I really want this feature as citing the publication instead of the arxiv preprint is important. Zotero should automatically update the information. The following plugin (chrome extension) extracts the correct publication information when on arxiv:
  • Would love this feature. Currently refinding where article was actually published duplicates work and I personally don't do unless required for publication, but having the official citation instead of arxiv will help future metaanalysis where people want to use things like impact factor to rank importance of content (e.g. weighted for AI use) . With the surge in AI papers (almost all promoted when in arxiv only) this is more important.
  • The same here. This automatic update would be time and frinction saving. Looking for it.
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