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Is there anybody out there working on a citation style for the Geological Society of America journals - Geology, Bulletin, Lithosphere, Geosphere, Special Papers? I've scoured the Style Repository and found a few halfway similar styles, but each seem to have as many things wrong as the others. My best estimate for similarity to an existing style is something like Soil Biology & Biochemistry. However, here's an initial list of obvious differences:

1) comma after the year
2) 'and' instead of '&' in the author list
3) a colon separating the title from the journal/book/etc
4) journal volume, number as v.12, n.6, p. 123-456
5) for books, 'in' in italics, editors denoted as 'eds.'
6) no spaces between first and middle initials

and there's probably a whole lot more I'm not noticing, so the style 'guide' is here:
Unfortunately they use examples instead of general layout instructions

Getting this style available would certainly make it easier for me to help spread the word amongst friends and colleagues here! And unfortunately I have no experience with coding and finishing my Phd this term - so not a time to learn now... Thanks for any help!
  • OK - please provide as thorough a list of differences as you can
    is an example of a very helpful way of doing that which will make coding easy for me.
  • The in-text references are the same between styles, so all comments refer to the resulting output to the references cited list. I will try to consistently give changes as what it should be for GSA followed by what it is in the comparison style. If no type of reference is listed, it should apply to all.

    1) (YEAR), instead of (YEAR).
    2) Marx, G.R., and Berg, A.B., instead of Marx, G. R., & Berg, A. B., *note no spaces between initials in GSA style*
    3) Article title: Journal name instead of Article title. Journal name *applies to journals, theses, reports, books, abstracts, maps*
    4) v. 12, no. 6, p. 123-456. instead of 12, 6, 123-456.
    5) journal name, v. 12 instead of journal name 12
    Journal example covering these differences:
    Briner, J.P., Kaufman, D.S., Manley, W.F., Finkel, R.C., and Caffee, M., 2005, Cosmogenic exposure dating of late Pleistocene moraine stabilization in Alaska: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 117, p. 1108–1120.

    6) p. 123-456 instead of pp. 123-456 *page range in a book*
    7) Book Section, in Names, Editor, eds., instead of Book Section. In Editors Names (Eds.), *note the 'in' is in italics for GSA*
    Example for these two:
    Hamilton, T.D., 1994, Late Cenozoic glaciation of Alaska, in Plafker, G., and Berg, H.C., eds., The Geology of North America, v. G-1, The Geology of Alaska: Boulder, Colorado, Geological Society of America, p. 813-844.

    Man, this is all I've found. I hope my format is adequate. thanks for this
  • OK, I think it looks good.
    I've uploaded it to the repository. The install link is:
    please test and report back

    You'd do me a favor by listing all the journals this covers - that way we can add those, too and link them to the style (i.e. make them dependent styles)
  • Man that's quick. I should be able to give this a good vetting in the morning and I'll let you know then, along with the formal names of applicable journals.

  • The only things I can find that I'd missed are regarding reports and maps.

    For a Map:
    Abrams, G.A., 1993, Complete Bouguer gravity anomaly map of the State of Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2236, scale 1:500 000, 1 sheet.
    The current (dev) version does not appear to recognize the Series Title, Scale, and there's not a space in the Info for Maps in Zotero for the number in the series (the MF-2236 from above). It appears the last issue is outside this style, and I suppose I can stick the number in the series name to make it work.

    For Reports, there is the same issue of not recognizing the Report Type or Report Number, or Page number. Something that should look like:

    National Earthquake Information Center, 1992, Earthquake data report, August 1992: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-0608-A, 458 p.

    is showing up like this:
    National Earthquake Information Center, 1992, Earthquake data report, August 1992:

    I'm really excited about this - thanks for your help. Sorry for not picking up on these details before.
  • The Geological Society of America journals that this style applies to are as follows (using the names as they would be referenced):

    Geological Society of America Bulletin
    GSA Today
  • yeah, this is really unsatisfatory. I can't really do much because I'm hitting csl limits at every corner.
    I can't give you the map scale and I can't distinguish between a report and a book -
    I've opted for putting the series into the report - use the Report Series field for everything you want to say, e.g. in your example:
    U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-0608-A

    The total page number isn't possible either.
    And this will give you the location and institution of the report at the end - unavoidable.
  • Interesting. Maybe that's why this style hadn't been coded yet? Thanks for getting this going, and if I have the patience to be systematic about it, I'll make a record for any work-arounds for getting the formatting right for any of these tricky types and post the list at an appropriate place in the forums here to try to help other users.
  • post it here.
    No - the style hadn't been coded because it hadn't been requested - or at least not including comprehensive documentation the way you did.
  • I'd use the CSL 'note' for map scale for now, although it will require Zotero users to put information into the "extra" field. The zotero report and book types are mapped to the csl report and book types, respectively. What do you mean you can't distinguish them?

    The new csl will have number-of-pages.
  • are you sure about that?
    If I use
    <else-if type="report">
    I don't get any effects -
    at least not in the test panel - I didn't try otherwise.
  • I could be mistaken. I'm not intimately familiar with how the current processor works & I haven't actually tried it. In csl.js., it looks like it is mapped via _optionalTypeMap in the way I described & that it will only "fallback" to the book type.
  • thanks noksagt - something weird was going on, not sure, got it to work now.

    So here's the status quo:
    Report goes as
    Author, Title: Institution, Series.

    Map is
    Author, Title: Series, "scale" Extra.
    (where "scale" is used as a prefix - so you just write 1:500.000 in the extra field.)

    Once we have total number of pages, we can add those easily at the end for both of them as in
    <text-variable="number-pages" suffix="p."/> for report and
    <text-variable="number-pages" suffix="sheet"/>for map
  • OK, I got the dependent styles up now - any further trouble with the style let me know.
  • It's me again - I've found something we missed when getting this format set up.

    For a thesis, several items are not appearing, including [MS thesis] and the University name, and the way the number of pages is indicated is wrong. Here's an example of what it's supposed to look like:

    Wopat, M.A., 1990, Quaternary alkaline volcanism and tectonics in the Mexican Volcanic Belt near Tequila, Jalisco, southwestern Mexico [Ph.D. thesis]: Berkeley, University of California, 277 p.

    and here's an example of what it produced by this style as it now stands:

    Bemis, S.P., 2004, Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills: , p. 142.

    Is this enough info to help get the code fixed up? Thanks a bunch!
  • edited November 30, 2009
    could you tell me what's in the respective fields in the Zotero entry?
    You can also right-click, export as Zotero RDF, open in a text-editor and copy paste here.
    as I said above the number of pages doesn't work - the 142 is the page you specified in the word processor plugin.
  • Here's what I got exporting a thesis entry as you specified:

    <bib:Thesis rdf:about="#item_8223">
    <foaf:name>University of Alaska Fairbanks</foaf:name>
    <dc:subject>Alaska Range</dc:subject>
    <dc:subject>fold-thrust belt</dc:subject>
    <dc:title>Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills</dc:title>
    <foaf:givenname>Sean P.</foaf:givenname>
    <z:repository>Google Scholar</z:repository>
    <z:shortTitle>Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills</z:shortTitle>
    <z:type>MS Thesis</z:type>
  • edited December 2, 2009
    OK, I've got it - will be a while until I get to this - what I can tell you right now is that the "page" field is for a range of pages, not for the number of pages (that'sh # of pages it's probably wrong in the current Zotero - pages should be replaced by # of pages for theses. # of pages is currently, unfortunately, not possible.
  • OK, this is corrected in the repository so that you now get (might take a bit to be up)

    Bemis, S.P., 2004, Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills [MS Thesis]: University of Alaska Fairbanks.

    as soon as the number-of-pages variable becomes available and implemented into the thesis item this can quickly be turned into (I've commented out the respective line)

    Bemis, S.P., 2004, Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills [MS Thesis]: University of Alaska Fairbanks, p. 142.

    The last step would then be to separate place and publisher, which is also an open request.
  • Awesome - looks great. Thanks!
  • I would like to use this Geological Society of America citation style but there is an issue with the in-text/short citation. The short citation includes the author's initials and first names:

    (J. M Amato et al., 2007)
    (M.J. Amato and Pavlis, 2010)
    (Jeffrey M. Amato et al., 2007)

    This is not correct. The initials and first names should not be visible.

    I am running version 2.1 beta and the authors' last names and initials/first names are split into two fields in the Zetero library.
  • Further details:

    The first citation I enter in a Word document is correctly formatted. But, when I add a second citation both the citations contain the initials.
  • Um, yeah. I'm having the same problem. In fact, the in-text citations got reformatted from the proper layout when I refreshed the zotero fields while revising a document from last November. I just upgraded to Zotero 2.1 beta 5 with the Open Office plug-in. Also just upgraded to Open Office 3.3, but the citation formatting errors occurred prior to these updates, and I did these updates hoping they might resolve the problems.

    Is it likely that this formatting changed when this .csl format was updated to CSL 1.0?

    So, I'd already verified that the authors all have the same name format. Following the instructions for removing the given name disambiguation provided on the link from noksagt above, I bring up the Geological Society of America (dev) style in the Zotero Reference Test pane and delete the line of code
    <option name=“disambiguate-add-givenname” value=“true”/>

    Hit Refresh, and . . . . . nothing happens.

    Tried leaving the blank line, tried deleting it. No difference.

    Knowing diddly-squat about coding, I don't know what I could've done in the couple steps it took to highlight text and hit delete that would have otherwise broken the code.

    Directly related to this thread, I've spent most of the day today trying to rebuild this CSL style using the - - editor. I even found how to see which fields in zotero are mapped to what in CSL - . But whatever I paste into the Zotero Reference Test pane seems to end up broken (as in I hit refresh and nothing changes).

    There's additional issues with this style besides the given name disambiguation that needs to be fixed - so far I've just been getting around issues by carefully inputting data into the zotero fields so that it will look right in the bibliography - but that's getting ridiculous and I was hoping get the style and my library working together properly.

    Has anyone been having success with the CSL Editor?
  • uhm yeah - installing the beta in the hope that it would magically take care of problems was probably not a good idea. For me at least that makes trouble shooting a lot harder.

    I'm not sure how well the test panel works in 2.1b5 - there have been some problems - I'd try taking that line out of the style, installing it and see if that works - it should, but no guarantees. There really shouldn't be any disambiguation if the authors are really exactly the same in the database - I find that hard to believe, unless something went wrong during the style upgrade - is this the case for some citations or all citations?

    Afaik the csleditor is not ready for prime time, which is why it hasn't been announced.

    Can't help you with "other issues" unless you specify them.
  • The CSL editor, as far as I know, is not actually complete. It's being developed by some folks at Mendeley -- maybe you can try their forums?
  • adamsmith - I noted that there were "other issues" for the good of anyone cruising the forum looking to use this citation style. I'm actually gonna try to tackle this style again before I come back here crying for help. It does seem that the test panel in 2.1b5 is not cooperating, all I can say is that it's not updating the result when simple changes are made to the code. I am able to test CSLs out of the WYSIWYG editor by saving them thru Notepad and installing them in Firefox.

    Several changes on the in-text citations appeared when refreshing my document (as described in a previous post), in addition to the given name disambiguation (given names and initials showed up for maybe a half dozen different authors). Also, the letter 'e' was appended following many of the years. In several instances, the names of two authors appeared before the et al. (should only be one). for a two author citation, which should be (Fletcher and Christensen, 1996) would only show up as (Fletcher, 1996).

    I need to work on the map and report item types to figure out what fields are needed to get the bibliography to turn out right.

    Thanks ajlyon for pointing me to the Mendeley forums, I'll check that out, but I was more interested in whether any of the code-fearing tinkerers out there had had any success in using that editor to build a CSL that works in Zotero.
  • Hi, I'm back with more on this style. I understand better how zotero and csl talk to each other (although not well enough to rewrite code yet), so I've written up some of the revisions that this style needs to make it widely usable. Hopefully there's someone out there that can integrate these changes. I'm happy to help clarify any problems/concerns. I've written out most of the suggestions below using the csl field names that should map to the appropriate zotero fields...

    Geological Society of America csl style
    (dependent styles: Lithosphere, GSA Today, Geological Society of America Bulletin, Geology, and Geosphere)

    For Item Type “Report”:
    Author, Issued, Title: Publisher Genre Number, Page p.

    With the idea for it to look like this:
    Carver, G.A., Bemis, S.P., Solie, D.N., and Obermiller, K.E., 2008, Active and potentially active faults in or near the Alaska Highway corridor, Delta Junction to Dot Lake, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2008-3D, 32 p.

    For Item Type “Map”:
    Author, Issued, Title: Publisher Genre, Note.
    (Note=Extra in Zotero, in this case would contain info like “scale 1:24,000, 2 sheets” to describe the map. could be simplified if there was something in CSL to map the Zotero Scale field to.)

    For Item Type “Book Section”:
    After Collection-title, add the Collection-number with just a space in between. Such that if I have “Geological Society of America Special Paper” in Zotero under Series, and “431” under Series Number, that it will show up as ...: Geological Society of America Special Paper 431, ...

    For Journal Articles, add the DOI at the end.


    Now for the in-text citations, the only fix needed is more control on the disambiguation. From all the rules and papers that I’ve looked through, the author’s initials/author’s first name, or more than 2 names should never show up.

    In-text citations should always look like either (Smith, 1999), (Smith and Smythe, 1999), or (Smith et al., 1999)

  • Hey, try this out:
    should have everything except doi for journals - I don't see where you're getting that. If it needs to be included I need a sample citation.
  • Hey, this is awesome and very close. In my testing, I found three remaining bug - and I must sheepishly admit that two are ones I missed when putting together my previous post.

    1) For Reports, the number of pages is coming out without a space "32p." instead of "32 p."
    2) Thesis, needs the # of Pages added to the end of the citation
    3) Book Section - there's a double comma showing up in between the series number and pages: "431,, p. 549-572."

    Regarding the doi, I grabbed this citation out of the current issue of Geology:
    Whipple, K.X, and Tucker, G.E., 2002, Implications of sediment-fl ux-dependent
    river incision models for landscape evolution: Journal of Geophysical Research,
    v. 107, B22039, doi:10.1029/2000JB000044.

    I don't think they've updated their sample citations for quite some time.

    I'm really stoked that this style is nearly ready to go. thanks so much for getting it fixed up!!
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