Zotfile 'send to tablet' menu disappeared

I use Zotfile to send pdfs from the Mac to the iPad for annotating with PDFExpert. As of today, that 'Send to tablet' option has disappeared from the pop-up menu - no idea why. I'm on MacOS 11.2.1 and Zotero Have deleted the assorted Zotero folders called 'Tablet Files' and 'Tablet Files (modified)'; Zotero has created one new one of each species. Would be grateful for help!
  • Is the general Manage Attachments menu still there?
  • Yes, the menu items ‘Rename Attachments’, ‘Extract Annotations’, and ‘Get Table of Contents’ are available. Just the tablet-related items have disappeared - although in the Zotfile preferences ‘Use ZotFile to send and get files from tablet’ is ticked, and the path to the cloud folder specified.
  • You've restarted Zotero and made sure the "Use ZotFile..." preference is still checked?
  • Yes, have done that a few times.
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