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We have a private group library made of two members, A and B, and we are having a syncing problem or what we think is a syncing problem abot bibliographic references. A is the owner of the group. Yesterday B did the synchronisation and today, after synchronisation, A can not see the bibliographic info modified. The Zotero on the web is running well.
Both A and B are using Zotero last version. As syncing preferences A has checked "sync automatically" B manually, both have checked "sync full-text content" and "sync attachment files in My Library using zotero" and " sync attachment files in group libraries using zotero storage", with all libraries being checked. It is therefore not clear what the issue might be and any help would be appreciated.
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  • See Changes Not Syncing for steps for troubleshooting this and the info we'd need to debug further.
  • The debug id is D1409428133 . Thank you!
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for Zotero startup through the end of the first auto-sync, using the "Restart with Logging Enabled…" option, without touching anything else in Zotero until the sync finishes?
  • Le Debug ID à poster sur le forum est D1451003286
  • Seems like you may have auto-sync disabled? If so, we'd want the debug output to include a manual sync after Zotero has completely finished loading.
  • D2011118525
  • There's still no sync there.
  • I did manually sync then I did Debug Output Logging > “Restart with Logging Enabled…” > Help → Debug Output Logging and click Submit Output
  • You need to sync after restarting, when logging is running. See above.
  • D544173437
    I followed the 3 steps
    In the Help menu, go to Debug Output Logging and select Enable, or use “Restart with Logging Enabled…” to generate debug output from Zotero startup. (If you're not able to access the Help menu, see Reporting Startup Errors instead.)
    Immediately perform the relevant action (syncing, saving, importing, etc.) and reproduce the problem you're experiencing.
    Before doing anything else, return to Help → Debug Output Logging and click Submit Output, which will disable logging and submit the output to A window should pop up containing a Debug ID (e.g., “D12345678”). Click “Copy to Clipboard” and paste the Debug ID into your forum thread.
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    (You don't need to paste in our own instructions — you just weren't doing what I asked for above, which was to use "Restart with Logging Enabled…" and then sync, not the other way around.)

    That seems to show a successful sync of all your libraries, with no errors. Your original Debug ID showed various odd errors. Are you still having trouble?

    If so, see the Changes Not Syncing instructions:
    If you're still having trouble, post to the Zotero Forums (in your existing thread, if you have one) with a Debug ID for the first sync after making a change that doesn't sync (e.g., making a change to the online library that doesn't appear in Zotero, or vice versa). Start debug output logging before making the change and keep it going until the sync has ended.
  • Hello there,

    I am the second user, and I have done the requested manipulation. My debug ID is 191225498.

    Thanks a lot!

  • That's a Report ID, not a Debug ID.
  • I apologize for the misunderstanding. The debug ID is D1859782615
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