Workflow to write in markdown / plaintext?

Hello, I'm a first timer, both for zotero and for citation managers in general (I've been doing it by hand).

The word processor plugin works great, especially because it takes care of the bibliography as I cite an item. Now I'm writing in a markdown (essentially plain text), how can I have zotero manage the citations and generate the bibliography automatically?

The final output I'd like the most is like the following, using the markdown footnote syntax. The ` >` is just for display here and not wanted.

> This good article (Human et al., 2021)[^human2021] exists.
> Bibliography:
> [^human2021]: Human et al. (2021). Great work. the Journal of Zotero.

The most important part is that I don't have to pick up every citation manually to generate the bibliography when I'm finished. Details in the format, I'm thinking, could be handled separately.

As I look up, the RTF scan feature offers similar functionality as for bibliography management. I'm also guessing that tweaking *.csl files to add the footnote syntax ([^human2021] part) will not require too much effort.

Using the RTF scan for plain texts has been discussed before and disregarded as lower priority circa 2012(1–4). But this would be overcome by a little effort, (1) open RTF editor (2) paste the plain text and save as .rtf (3) use RTF scan (4) copy the text from the resulting RTF and paste as plain text.

So, will (0) Edit the .csl file to add the branckets etc., to create mystyle.csl (1) Write the markdown, using the citations in the RTFscan format, (2) Run the scan using the mystyle format, with the procedure above --- be my best bet? Is there any other way?

Thank you very much for your time. Also, zotero is so fantastic.

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