Plain-text scanning

Why not have scanning of plain-text files analogous to RTF-scan, and with the same syntax?

It would then also be nice to be able to set one's desired markup corresponding to bold, italic etc.

  • BTW would ODT scanning be possible? I'm aware of the complexities of digging into an ODT archive's parts, but it's hardly more problematic than creating or using the OpenOffice plugin, is it? I've learnt to be wary of OO plugins and macros in general...

  • I don't think this is (and should be) a Zotero priority. Essentially what you're asking is that Zotero become more like LaTeX (plain text, mark-ups...) - but why do that? LaTeX already exists, tools like Lyx have made it quite user friendly and through Lyz and more general BibTex export, Zotero interacts pretty well with LaTeX (and people are working on improving that interaction).
    As always, obviously, if someone wants to dedicate her or himself to developing this that'd be great, but I wouldn't expect any of the core developer resources to go there any time soon.
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