zotero unresponsive and stuck at loading items (solution found)

I'd like to share a solution to the following issue: I clicked on an advanced search, and somehow zotero stuck; then I forced stopped the software, then it keeps stuck at the loading item interface when I restart zotero. Restarting win 10 or reinstalling zotero does not help.

The solution provided by dstillman somehow works here: "With Zotero closed, you can delete the prefs.js file in the Zotero profile directory (or open that file in a text editor and remove the lastViewedFolder line) to reset it to My Library."

The link is: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/72396/zotero-stuck-loading-items-or-just-stops-working
  • Fantastic thanks! This solved my problem (and was much easier to find in the forums than the previous thread.
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