Linked to PDF files; now want to synchronise

I set up my Zotero with links to PDF files on my desktop computer, however I'd now like to be able to syncronise with my laptop so that on my desktop or laptop, I have access to the same annotated PDF files. According to it is only possible to synchronise via WebDav with copied files. Is there a solution to this?
  • You can use another file sync service (e.g. Dropbox) to sync other files, but Zotero isn't designed to be a general purpose file syncing tool and won't sync files outside its own directory. Whether you can use file links across computers depends on the OS and folder structure on each machine. You can also use file URLs, though they're slightly more limited.
  • Is there any way to automatically turn all the present file links into a file copies? At the time I started linking files, I didn't realise that I was using one of two options.
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