OOo plugin: Annoying resizing of Add/Edit Citation window

Hello all,

2.0b7/3.0a1. An annoying issue persists for me. I have a decent size monitor so I like to enlarge the Add/Edit Citation window. It behaves nicely between invocations as long as I stay in single source mode, but as soon as I click the Multiple Sources... button the window is automatically resized to some smaller presumably default size.

Expected behavior: The window should remember its size and layout between invocations. The window should not resize when a button is pressed.

Fedora 11 x86_64, OOo from, Java from Sun.

  • How do you even get it to enlarge? I haven't figure that out?
  • I grab an edge or corner with the mouse and drag (just like any other window). I remember it as one of the more liberating feelings to be able to resize virtually any window or dialog when I migrated from Windows to Linux several years ago.
  • You should be able to resize on Windows by grabbing the lower right corner, but there's no indication of that. We're at work on a fix.
  • I got the similar problem in Word 2003, 2.0b7. When I click the edit citation and click show editor, the windows size will become longer and longer. So after a few edit, the window size will go beyond my screen and I have to manually resize it. I remember in the previous verion, we cannot even move the window. But now it is really annoying to resize the windows after EVERY edit!
  • Thanks Simon. There are no corners that will drag to enlarge from the multiple sources window.
  • Thank you for fixing this in the most recent update.
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