Updates on Bulk Editing?

Any new progress or predictions on this front? I can grind my way through edits with the best of them, but I'm running out of air while waiting for some more efficient database management tools. Tag management is a great start, but collecting research from a myriad of agencies & authors means that my metadata needs a lot of QC. I'd love to fully commit to Zotero, but this is a huge stumbling block right now.
  • The available option for bulk editing is using the JavaScript API with the Script Runner in the Tools menu.
  • That’s apparent from multiple other forum posts. What I asked is whether there are still development plans for bulk editing, as there are references to it going back to 2013.
  • Yes, it is still planned.
  • Thank you for the response @dstillman ! And thanks for the quick turnaround on returning bulk adding of parent items. I work with a lot of old government reports without available metadata, so I thought I was going to cry when I suddenly had to add parents individually...
  • Zutilo offers some bulk editing functions, see here.
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