Medline OVID - Title problem with Save to Zotero button

In Medline OVID, when I use the "Save to Zotero (OVID)" button, for references with the publication title beginning by "Canadian journal of [,,,]", "American journal of [...]", "European journal of [... ]", etc, the journal title is not completly saved in Zotero.

For instance, for an article published in the "American journal of public health", when I save it in Zotero through the button "Save to Zotero (OVID)", the title becomes "Journal of Public health". In the different cases, Zotero seems to eliminate the first word of the journal title : "American", of "Canadian", or "European", etc... are not saved in the Zotero record.
  • Curious:
    This doesn't need to be the OVID Medline database. I can reproduce this problem in several OVID databases.

    For journal names beginning with "American," "Canadian," etc. the first word is dropped. However, journal titles such as, Journal of rural health, Qualitative Health Research and Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine do not have the first word dropped upon import into Zotero but the last journal imports as "Journal of Occupational". Could this last journal title truncation be because in most places the title contains an ampersand instead of the word "and"? The web screen version uses "and" and not an ampersand.

    American journal of industrial medicine
    Article title:
    Adult lead exposure from ammunition reloading and indoor residential shooting
    Ovid: 01445365-202008000-00011
    DOI: 10.1002/ajim.23119

    I'm not sure where the Ovid translator gets the metadata. The RIS export doesn't contain the journal title only the journal abbreviation. The XML export includes the _full_ journal title.
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