Add DOI field to Software item type

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  • I have a very small feature request:

    Nowadays, software can have DOI but software document type in Zotero does not support the DOI field.

    So, the only work around are:
    - not recording the DOI in the reference
    - record the reference as something else than a software

    So my simple request is: Add DOI in the available fields for a software document type

    Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration.
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    DOI will be added to all item types in a future version. For now, you can use "DOI: 10.123/abc…" in Extra to add a DOI.
  • Hi will there also be such a field for books? Some books also have DOI fields.

    Advanced apologies, i did not know if I needed to start a new thread for this or not.
  • Yes, you can add DOI to Extra for any item, and it will get migrated when a proper field is made.
  • ah great! thanks a lot @bwiernik
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