Inserting a citation on Google Docs gets stuck

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    After selecting my refs the input field disappears, the red bar remains, and google docs is stuck on "{integration_googleDocs_updating}

    Sometimes the input field does not even appear. And Google Docs shows "Zotero experienced an error updating your document."

    Happens in new and blank documents as well.

    Using the latest MacOS, latest beta zotero, google docs in safari.
  • Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to is completely unrelated. I've moved this to a new thread.

    Can you restart Zotero and provide a Debug ID from Zotero for this happening?
  • D748159935
  • (1)(+0000001): Object: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'responseJSON.error.details[0]')

    asyncFunctionResume@[native code]
    @adomasven will need to take a look.
  • @ftriest: Oh, this is with Safari?

    Have you tested in another browser? The Google Docs code in the beta Safari extension is many months old and may not work as well.
  • Works normally in Firefox after a restart.
    I prefer to use Safari, but I understand that for the Zotero team Safari is annoying to code for. Any updates on Safari support?
  • We'll see if we can update the Google Docs integration in the beta connector for Safari.

    (The Safari Compatibility page still has the latest on a new stable version. We're waiting for Apple to fix bugs.)
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