disappointment with Italian translation

despite being an Italian person working in Italy, i always use Zotero with English interface (except in the final refresh of citations and bibliography) because i find that the Italian translation of the interface elements is sometimes disappointing.

for example in the "journal" object, the field "short title" which could simply be "titolo breve" is rendered with "abbreviazione dei titoli di periodici".
this translation is so wide that it forces to have a horizontal scrolling in the "info" tab; moreover the plural "dei titoli dei periodici" is meaningless both because it is related to a singular "abbreviazione" and because it refers to a single object (the journal which is so described).
so i strongly advocate for changing from "abbreviazione dei titoli di periodici" to "titolo breve".

another matter is the translation of the drop menu of the "note" button in the tool bar.
the menu voice in English are "new note / new child note" what perfectly makes sense; the Italian translations are "nuova nota", ok; and "aggiungi un sotto-appunto": ?!?! why not simply "nuova nota figlia"?
even if one could think that "nota figlia" is not current in Italian, neither "sotto-appunto" is. and why changing from "nota" to "appunto"? so to have at least "aggiungi sotto-nota?
in an interface, rule is "same object <-> same name".

so i strongly advocate to change the Italian translation of "aggiungi un sotto-appunto" into "nuova sotto-nota" or "nuova nota figlia"

  • The existing translation was provided by an Italian volunteer. You are welcome to submit suggestions for changes here https://www.transifex.com/zotero/zotero/
  • hi bwiernik,
    i did a little work on the translations, especially the missing ones.
    one question: upgrade/update are used as synonyms?
    another one: migrate/move are used as synonyms?

  • edited December 22, 2020
    "upgrade"/"update" are generally interchangeable, but "upgrade" usually describes something a bit more significant. You could either "update" or "upgrade" to the latest version of Zotero. You would probably "update" to the latest version of a CSL style, not "upgrade" it.

    "migrate"/"move" depend on the context. "migrate" tends to imply a larger, one-way change. You would "move" files. You would "migrate" to a new system/format/etc. When Zotero 5 transferred the data directory from one location to another, that was both moving (in the sense that it was literally moving a directory) and migrating (in the sense that it was a one-way change to a new default location used by the new version).

    If there are specific strings you have questions about, we'd be happy to say more.
  • thank you, clear explanation. wonderful.
    the concordance tools will allow to properly detect the different uses.
    another couple to properly manage is restore/recover.
    some hints?
  • You "restore" your Zotero data from a backup, or you "restore" an item in the trash to your library. I don't think we use "recover", but you would try to "recover" your data from a corrupted disk drive, or you would "recover" from a bad situation.
  • it could be restore=recuperare and recover=ripristinare

  • still here...
    the text about the CC0:
    Be sure you have read the Creative Commons %S before applying CC0 to your work.

    Please note that dedicating your work to the public domain cannot be simply translated because the Italian CC licenses does not include CC0. in fact the public domain is not legally accepted according to Italian law. i would translate the phrase including a warning:

    Prima di assegnare una licenza CC0 alla tua opera ricorda che essa non รจ legalmente valida in Italia ecc. ecc.

    or do you prefer a simple, 'blind' translation?
  • We prefer blind translations, yes.
  • done this way.
  • hi dstillman,
    i revised a lot of awkward italian translations in https://www.transifex.com/zotero/zotero/
    can them enter the next release of Zotero?

    because i cannot stand that
    short title
    abbreviazione dei titoli di periodici

    (just an example, obviously)
  • Thanks. The new strings will be included in the next Zotero beta.
  • happy with it!
    how can i try/test the new strings in the beta?
    i mean, what i get through Zotero itself are regular updates.
    could you inform me when a beta i ready and how i can get it ?
    (can a beta version live beside a regular version?)
  • I have the same question about a different translation I just finished (maybe I should start another thread, but still). Did you manage to test your translation instead of waiting for a regular update, @m.lana ? Thanks!
  • hi mirenbz
    the Italian translations i produced are not in the Zotero yet.
    i don't know what is needed for them to enter the Zotero standard release.
    they should be on zotero beta, but i don't dare to install the beta because it is not so easy to revert to the the standard release.
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