Month-day date order in Chicago 16 style not following system date settings

  • hi,
    i have a similar problem with Chicago 16th edition - author date.
    it is indifferent to the choice of the language and gives always in bibliography the dates in the US format:
    Bossmann, Julia. 2016. «Top 9 Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence». World Economic Forum. ottobre 21.

    while Chicago 17th edition - author date gives the dates in bibliography in the right way:
    Bossmann, Julia. 2016. «Top 9 Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence». World Economic Forum. 21 ottobre 2016.

    would it be possible to correct the Chicago 16th style?

  • Unfortunately not. We currently don't have a way to localize month-day dates in citation styles and there's no simple solution for that.
  • @adamsmith: What's the issue here? I'm not clear on why Chicago 16 is different from Chicago 17.
  • Chicago 16 outputs "ottobre 21" while Chicago 17 outputs "21 ottobre 2016". m
  • In Chicago 16 author date, for items with a full date, only month/day are given, since the year is already in the citation, right after the authors.

    In Chicago 17, they changed this to just repeat the year and provide the full date in the back of the citation for simplicity.

    We can and do localize full (YMD) dates as well as partial dates including the year (YM and Y), but CSL's date-parts attribute does not allow "month-day". Here's some back-and-forth between Rintze and me on why that's not easy to do:
  • I understand the fact that Chicago 16 doesn't repeat the year; but there is the inversion of day and month (ottobre 21) which in Chicago 17 is avoided (21 ottobre).
    or what you mean is that in Chicago 16 the inversion is a by-product of the fact that the year is not repeated?
  • Yes, CSL does not have a way to do localized date orders without the year, so the rendering of the month and day are hard coded. If at all possible, I suggest just using Chicago 17.
  • yes, i was thinking the same: suggesting to the the journal to adopt Chicago 17. alternatively is it not difficult to manually edit the bibliography just before submitting the paper
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