Quick APA intext alternate format

Looking for quick way to add intext citations using format "author (date)".

Currently, I am using regular method then opening the editor and changing each individually - very time consuming.

Any help/suggestions?
  • Hmmm... So instead of:
    1. click 'show editor'
    2. remove parenthesis at beginning
    3. remove comma
    4. add parenthesis before date
    5. click OK
    I would:
    1. click "suppress author"
    2. type the author's name - an average of 5 keystrokes
    3. click OK

    Don't see this is saving me much time and is adding likelihood of typing errors.

    Any other ideas?
  • That's it in terms of options.
    The 2nd option has the significant advantage that it doesn't break any updating of citations (e.g. adding a,b,c for disambiguation after the year and the like)
  • Bummer! Oh, well. Following your links did at least show me how to change the Zotero default to classic view - 1 step closer!
  • To be clear, manually editing the citation (or using the editor in Classic view, which you shouldn’t use—just edit directly in the text in that case) will break automatic updating of citations.

    “Author (date)” formatted citations are coming in version 1.1 of the CSL citation style language Zotero uses for its citations, so a more automatic solution will be possible in the future
  • Hope the automated solution will be available soon! I appreciate your recommendation to edit in the text rather than by using the Classic view, but I actually use the Author (date) format more frequently than the (Author, Date) format, so saves me a little time. I understand that the citations won't update in this case, but the reference list still seems to show them, so I shall continue to struggle through! Thanks!
  • Oppsss - looks like they removed the option to set it to classic view by default. Sadness.
  • No, that's still there under Cite --> Word Processors: "Use classic Add Citation dialog" at the bottom
  • But the point is that editing the citation Word directly is equivalent to using the editor in the classic view, so I think you might be misunderstanding what bwiernik is suggesting: it's not using suppress author and typing the name (although that works best) but to simply move the parentheses right in Word.
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