Citations unlinked moving from one Word document to the other

  • Hello,

    I'm having a similar issue, but just from moving the document from one computer to the other (both using Word). Is this the same set of sets that I can follow to keep the citations linked?
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    It's not totally clear what you mean here.

    Zotero inserts standard Word fields, and any version of Word on any computer will always be able to read those. No special steps are required, as they are when transferring between Word and Google Docs.

    If you mean that the citations are turning into plain text, see Existing Citations Not Detected for the ways that that can happen in Word.

    If you're just saying that the citations are active Zotero citations but they aren't linked to items in your library, that's a totally different issue from the thread you posted to, and would be normal if you're using a copy of Zotero on one computer that's not synced with Zotero on the other. Zotero will then use embedded metadata in the document.
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