Restoring data after computer was stolen

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  • My computer was stolen. I cannot copy my zoetrope data from my ok’d computer. How do I obtain my old information on the new computer via cloud? It looks like I have nothing in my zoetrope library currently.
  • If there's nothing on the Web Library (at the top of this site), there's no Zotero data in the cloud (or it's under a different account name -- but yours is six years old, so this is likely the right one).
    You don't have to sync Zotero to use it, so this isn't automatic.
    No other back-up? External harddisk/TimeMachine/Carbonite?
  • Zotero says that I have cloud backup, but I have nothing. No files and no information. There surely has to be some way that I can get my info back? I remember that I had trouble last time I switched computers as well.
  • Zotero says that I have cloud backup
    I'm not sure what you mean by that. You weren't syncing this account in the past, and you have no data online in this account.

    We obviously can't help you restore data that you never actually uploaded to Zotero servers. You would need a backup of your previous Zotero data directory from before your computer was stolen.
  • What do you mean by "Zotero says I have cloud backup"? Where does it say that? Any data you'd have saved online with the account you're posting from would be visible from under "Web Library" here. Zotero doesn't keep data anywhere else.

    FWIW, you've not commented on these forums (which date back as long as Zotero) with this user account before today, so if you had help figuring out other problems, you may have a second account which could potentially hold data.
  • I have always synced this account in the past and backed it up online. it is possible that I have a different user name than the one I currently login in with, but I have no idea of finding out what that user name is. I have no recorded data on my new computer, but I had over ten years worth of work saved that I used on three different computers.
  • No, you haven't synced this account in the past — you're going to have to believe us on that.

    If you've synced with a different account, you'd have to find that account.
  • How do I find that second account? That is very possible, but I just don't know the user name. I don't have my old computer since it was stolen.
  • Would it help if I sent you any emails that may have been associated with any accounts I had?
  • You can email those to with a link to this thread.

    But if you still have access to the email addresses, you can also just try resetting your password using those addresses and check to see if you get reset emails.
  • Support staff helped me resolve this issue by helping me find my original user name. Thanks so much! I can't say how much I appreciate your help!
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