Batch deleting tags

Is there any way to delete ALL the tags in a collection (or indeed the whole library!)

Some years ago I failed to turn off "automatic tagging with keywords/subject headings" and now I'm lumbered with thousands of fairly meaningless tags.
I'd love to just delete them all and start again!

Or is this another "batch editing" feature which is planned but currently can't be done?
  • It's possible - but requires direct editing of zotero.sqlite. Instructions are here (scroll down a bit for a modification that will let you delete only automatic tags - they have a different tagType value so you can select just them if you want).

    Clearly the standard health warning applies here, keep a backup and don't go poking things if you don't know what they do. Note that you can also hide automatic tags by clicking the button to the right of the filter bar and checking "hide automatic".
  • Hey thanks Bio'. Perfect.

    Probably should have STFF before I posted!
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